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We use PHP, a server side code, to access  all database information. PHP, unlike client side program such as javascript, runs on the server and is not visible to the client visiting the site. We only use javascript to make our sites beautiful and mobile responsive, therefore only our code related to the way it looks is visible to the site visitors. This makes our website programs very secure.

All our software products are built with focus on reliability. Our maya php framework implements a model-view-controller design pattern. The framework core applications is re-used in many of our project therefore it has been tested multiple times in production site. We also have a two level testing, from development server to beta server prior to release.

The advantage of using our own framework is that our software development knows all the ins/outs of the framework thus allowing them to develop very stable code.

Our PHP framework called 'Maya' can easily be integrated into html views. Maya was designed from ground-up with efficiency as the primary purpose. Meaning it is small and fast allowing it to fit even on small Android based servers.

Maya was developed primary on an intel Atom based server with very small processing power but extremely low power consumption. In fact our server is powered by solar energy whenever the sun  is available.

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A web based patient database system that is ideal for doctors, dentist and other medical service providers.

  1. Role based rights to access specific pages. So for example, a patient can only see appointments and available services, but a doctor can be configured to see other pages
  2. PDF generation of automatically filled medical certificates and medications  
  3. Ability to write templates for any medical document
  4. Web based appointment system with email notifications
  5. Editable questionnaires for patients medical information
  6. Use of the latest encryption to protect users


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Virtual School

A web based application to provide a virtual educational system


  1. Generate courses for example for K1, K2, Grade 1, Grade 2 and so on up to College.
  2. Create subjects that can be associated with a course,
  3. Create task that can be associated with a course. A task can be an exam or any other activity.
  4. Create questions of type multiple choice, fill-in the blanks or multimedia based for pre-schools. It has an interface to write questions
  5. Create exams by adding questions into it. Exams can be re-used and assigned to students through a task.
  6. Most of the tables are similar to spreadsheets therefore educators will find it easy to use

Status: Development Stage

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Using a gps/mobile tracker that is registered to our system. You can tract the person or vehicle carrying this gps tracker 24/7 through a google map based interface.

Status: Development Stage

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A free an open source framework status: Development Stage

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